The “Cute” Drummer Bears are Back!

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea to give your girlfriend or wife? Or maybe you’re the wife or girlfriend of a drummer and need something cute and appropriate. We’ve got just the thing for you! Enter our infamous “cute bear“. He’s back, he’s got sticks and he’s ready to melt the heart of any recipient of this inexpensive little Valentine’s Day gift.


The soft, fuzzy bears are limited in supply so it’s first come, first serve. As of this post, we’re well stocked on white but only have a small handful of the brown left. So if drums and drumming is a part of your life and/or you’re dating or married to a drummer, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea! Brought to you by Drum Bum, the leader in gifts for drummers and all musicians!


National Drumming Day

There’s a National National Pie Day, a National ‘No Bra’ Day and even a National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (what?!!). Drum roll please…. now there’s a National Drumming Day! Created by the proprietors of and celebrated on November 15th, National Drumming Day celebrates the world of drums and drumming.

National Drumming Day













You can celebrate this special day by… 

  1. Revisiting some of your drumming goals and making sure that you’re meeting them.
  2. Sponsoring a drum circle or drumming event in your local music store.
  3. Instruct “at risk” kids at their schools or in their homes.
  4. Wearing your favorite drumming T-shirt or hat.
  5. Posting “National Drumming Day” on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.” Use hashtag #NationalDrummingDay
  6. Pat yourself on the back for your successes in drumming thusfar.

Now THIS is a Musical Drum Solo!

An amazing drum piece from the makers of Animusic.

iPhone apps for Drummers

Ok, so it’s not exactly the real thing but it is fun! If you’re stranded at the airport, waiting for a ride or simply taking a long (ahem) time in the restroom, the Drum Meister iphone app will keep you occupied.

Duct Tape Drumset

Drumset made from Duct Tape

Drumset made from Duct Tape

I’ve seen it all now. LOL – Here’s a drumset made out of… you got it… DUCT TAPE!

The Drum Meister – iPhone App

As the iPhone app world explodes, drummers jump on board. Check out this new Drum Meister iPhone app where you can make your own drum beats much like you would pound out the rhythms on your drum machine. It features a cool interface allowing you to even rearrange the drums as you see fit.

Drums in the Movies

Always love to find drums in commercials and movies. It’s such a personal connection. Here’s something I stumbled upon today. Was wondering if any of you had seen it?

Drums in the Movies

Drums in the Movies

THE VISITOR – Richard Jenkins, a lonely college professor, finds life again through the drums.