Cool Drumsets Abound

I think this might be among the largest drumkit setups I’ve ever seen. How the hell you play these drums, I’ll never know (lol) but they sure are fun to drool over!

Cool Drumsets

Cool Drumsets that are Huge!


Worlds Largest Drumset

 I think this might just possibly be the world’s largest drumset. This thing is massive. Another monstrosity by famed drummer extaordinaire, Terry Bozzio.

Worlds Largest Drumset

Worlds Largest Drumset

Awesome Drumset

Check out how this drumset pyramids up. I’ve never seen this kind of set up before.  – Awesome!

Neil Peart Banners

Neil Peart banners are back in stock. Neil Peart, as you may already know, is not only one of the most popular drummers in the world, but he plays one of the largest drumsets. Check out this full color Neil Peart banner at

Neil Peart