What’s New at DrumChat

What’s new at DrumChat? Well, Slinglander tells us about his nuttiest gig ever. Man, the poor guy! You’ve got to hear his story. ¬†User “drummer” posted a cool video of the Keaton Music Typewriter. DrumWhipper asks “How many here go out to local jam (sessions)?” And of course, Rick is still posting babes. Doesn’t matter if they’re drummers or not, lol.
If you haven’t been to Drum Chat in awhile, check it out! You’ll never meet a nicer bunch of musicians.




Drumming Forum

I like the guys over at DrumChat.com. This drumming forum¬†emphasizes respect toward one another. I hardly ever see anyone bad-mouthing anyone else. You’d think it’s a religious forum but it isn’t. Anyway, I’ve made a lot of friends there and it continues to be amoung one of my favorite drum sites on the net.

Drumming Forum