New Drum Party Lights!

They’re new! They’re hot! – Drum Bum presents… drumset party lights for drummers, or fans of drummers, or parents of drummers or… well, you get the drift, lol.


Hang them around the deck or put ’em in your music room. Now, we’ve got our own lights!

Cool Wire Drumset

Check out this cool wire drumset.
Wire Drumset

Wild Drumset

This is awesome! Think you can play it?

Cool Drumset

One Wild Drumset - lol

Neil Peart – 2010 Tour Drums

Check out Neil Peart’s Drums for his 2010 World Tour:

Neil Peart Drums - 2010 Tour

Justin Beiber Plays Drums?

I didn’t know that!

Drum n Bass, Breakbeat for Drums

Check out Ed Pollard (word) throwin’ down some breakbeat grooves!

Check out Ed’s blog, Chronicles of Drumming at

iPhone apps for Drummers

Ok, so it’s not exactly the real thing but it is fun! If you’re stranded at the airport, waiting for a ride or simply taking a long (ahem) time in the restroom, the Drum Meister iphone app will keep you occupied.

Airbrushed Drums

These are nice! Drums that have been professionally airbrushed. Great design!

Airbrushed Drums

Airbrushed Drums

Travis Barker Drums / Flies!

Now THIS is showmanship!!

Travis Barker tests out his new flying drum riser.

Wipeout – The Surfaris

Every wannabe drummer wants to learn Wipeout. It’s fun to play and a challenge to get all the notes in at the speed required to play it. It’s not until you become a “real” drummer that you discover two things: 1. It’s not really that hard to play Wipeout and 2. You very quickly become sick of playing it! LOL … But as a drummer, you will be requested to play the song Wipeout at least a billion and one times within your drumming career so you better darn well get used to it!