What’s New at DrumChat

What’s new at DrumChat? Well, Slinglander tells us about his nuttiest gig ever. Man, the poor guy! You’ve got to hear his story. ¬†User “drummer” posted a cool video of the Keaton Music Typewriter. DrumWhipper asks “How many here go out to local jam (sessions)?” And of course, Rick is still posting babes. Doesn’t matter if they’re drummers or not, lol.
If you haven’t been to Drum Chat in awhile, check it out! You’ll never meet a nicer bunch of musicians.



Drum Forum Gaining Momentum


The DrumChat.com drummer’s forum has become quite popular these days. New member registrations are on the rise and the post count is already at 80,000+. Not bad for a site that’s hardly been up for 2 years. A popular draw to the forum is it’s live “Shoutbox” at the top of the main page where drummers can chat to each other live. Additionally, the forum has gained a reputation for it’s high standards and concentration on respectful posting. You won’t find any flaming at DrumChat.com. It’s not tolerated.

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