What’s New at DrumChat

What’s new at DrumChat? Well, Slinglander tells us about his nuttiest gig ever. Man, the poor guy! You’ve got to hear his story.  User “drummer” posted a cool video of the Keaton Music Typewriter. DrumWhipper asks “How many here go out to local jam (sessions)?” And of course, Rick is still posting babes. Doesn’t matter if they’re drummers or not, lol.
If you haven’t been to Drum Chat in awhile, check it out! You’ll never meet a nicer bunch of musicians.



The “Cute” Drummer Bears are Back!

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea to give your girlfriend or wife? Or maybe you’re the wife or girlfriend of a drummer and need something cute and appropriate. We’ve got just the thing for you! Enter our infamous “cute bear“. He’s back, he’s got sticks and he’s ready to melt the heart of any recipient of this inexpensive little Valentine’s Day gift.


The soft, fuzzy bears are limited in supply so it’s first come, first serve. As of this post, we’re well stocked on white but only have a small handful of the brown left. So if drums and drumming is a part of your life and/or you’re dating or married to a drummer, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea! Brought to you by Drum Bum, the leader in gifts for drummers and all musicians!

Double Bass Tips

Double Bass Pedal

Double Bass Pedal

Check out the latest double bass drumming tips at DrumTips.com. You’ll find tips and suggestions on double bass technique, exercises to work your calves, and how to find that “sweet spot” on the pedal. There are even links to books and DVDs that have lessons on double bass drums.

Drumset Monster!

The next time you hear someone say, “He’s a monster on the drums!”, they might be talking about this guy. Looking for the coolest drummer gift on the planet? You’ve found one! This sucker is 12″ tall and made from rock-solid metal. A great work of art for the home or garden. Any drummer would be proud to own this conversation piece.

Drum Bum on Twitter

Drum Bum on Twitter

Drum Bum on Twitter

Tweet – Tweet! – We haven’t had this much fun since we joined Drum Chat. Follow one of the world’s most popular drum brands… DRUM BUM… on Twitter.

Drumset Gift Idea

This is one of the newest drumset gift ideas at Drum Bum.  It latches onto your cell phone and shows the world what you’re passionate about.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for the drummer in your life, this is it!

Drumset Gifts for Drummers

Drumset Gifts for Drummers

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Drum Bum has some exciting things in store for you in 2009.  Stay tuned!

DrumBum’s Drummer of the Year

M’liss is special. She’s also obsessed! LOL
Check out the Drum Bum Drummer of the Year.

Drum T-shirts

Amazingly cool Drum T-shirts at Drum Bum! This shirt, by DrumGear.com, plays on the drum rudiment, the “drag”. It reads simply… “Life’s a Drag” and features the DrumGear.com logo on the left sleeve. Pretty awesome! 

Drum Theme – Framed Art

Check out some of the cool, new items. This is one of many framed drum theme prints offered by Drum Bum.

Drum Framed Artwork

Drum Framed Artwork