New Drum Party Lights!

They’re new! They’re hot! – Drum Bum presents… drumset party lights for drummers, or fans of drummers, or parents of drummers or… well, you get the drift, lol.


Hang them around the deck or put ’em in your music room. Now, we’ve got our own lights!

The “Cute” Drummer Bears are Back!

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea to give your girlfriend or wife? Or maybe you’re the wife or girlfriend of a drummer and need something cute and appropriate. We’ve got just the thing for you! Enter our infamous “cute bear“. He’s back, he’s got sticks and he’s ready to melt the heart of any recipient of this inexpensive little Valentine’s Day gift.


The soft, fuzzy bears are limited in supply so it’s first come, first serve. As of this post, we’re well stocked on white but only have a small handful of the brown left. So if drums and drumming is a part of your life and/or you’re dating or married to a drummer, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea! Brought to you by Drum Bum, the leader in gifts for drummers and all musicians!

SuperBowl XLII – Travis Barker

Looking back, and in the spirit of tomorrow’s Super Bowl game…  I just thought this was the coolest ad for Superbowl XLII featuring Travis Barker and DJ AM:

Best Snare Drum

Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be considered the “best” snare drum by some but I labeled it this because I just can’t believe this thing sounds this good when the dude made it from a wheel!!!

Bicycle Drummer

David Osborne of the UK transforms his bicycle into a drumset! He plays here on the streets for tips. Maybe he should be in a circus. 🙂 Looks like fun!

Wild Drumsets

Pass the cheese please. This drumset is quite unique. For some reason it makes me feel like I’m going to throw-up any minute now. LOL

No seriously, I think it’s a cool idea Spuan has here. I’m just not diggin’ the green.

Spaun Swiss Cheese Drumset

Spaun Swiss Cheese Drumset

Robotic Drums

What will they think of next?


What a cool little gift idea for a percussionist. I’m gonna get a set for myself!

Congas - Salt and Pepper Shakers

Congas - Salt and Pepper Shakers

Play the Drums

Even Mona Lisa was fond of the drums! No really…

Mona plays the Drums

Mona plays the Drums

MoonGel for $4.99

You can now buy MoonGel for only $5.00. Well, $4.99 actually. Drum Bum offers these famous drum muffling squares at a reduce cost when you buy 3 of the small packages. Now you’ve got a secret MoonGel source!