Cool Wire Drumset

Check out this cool wire drumset.
Wire Drumset

Beer Bottle Drummer

This is just cool. – A “melodic” drummer. Yea!

Santa, please don’t get me this DrumSet

I know I’ve been bad this year but please don’t get me this:

Drumset - Tom Angles

LOL - Drumset Tom Angles

Father Shoots Son over Playing the Drums

The next time your dad says, “Stop playing the drums!”, I think you’d better stop. 😉 In San Antonio, TX, an 80 year old father fired a gun through the drummer’s bedroom door when he would not quit playing. The bullet grazed the son’s head, almost killing him.

Man Shot by Dad for Playing Drums

Man Shot by Dad for Playing Drums

Story Origin –
More Drum News:

Air Drumming

First we had DrumLine, then we had StepBrothers… now we have “Adventures of Power”. This movie (being released October 9th in New York City) is all about Air Drumming. Yea, you heard me right – AIR DRUMMING … It begs the question, WTF???? … The trailer looks like it would be a stupid movie but who knows, I’ve been surprised before. I’ll wait to let you guys be the guinea pigs {grin} and I’ll wait for the reviews before spending the money.

The coolest thing is… there’s another movie about DRUMMING! – – Awesome!

Update: Adventures of Power gets a review (“drums up”!)

Octa Drums

If only I had 8 arms to drum with.

iPhone apps for Drummers

Ok, so it’s not exactly the real thing but it is fun! If you’re stranded at the airport, waiting for a ride or simply taking a long (ahem) time in the restroom, the Drum Meister iphone app will keep you occupied.

Airbrushed Drums

These are nice! Drums that have been professionally airbrushed. Great design!

Airbrushed Drums

Airbrushed Drums

Travis Barker Drums / Flies!

Now THIS is showmanship!!

Travis Barker tests out his new flying drum riser.

John McCain Plays Drums

John McCain Plays Drums? – Who Knew! 😉