Interview with Neil Peart

Neil Peart talks about his bike rides across the world, improvising, writing, composing, drum solos, lessons with other artists and more. If you want to get to know a bit more about Neil Peart, check out this awesome interview over at



George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming

The popular drumming DVD by George Kollias is now available in the states and Drum Bum’s got it! George Kollias is known for his blazing double bass drum chops and super fast blast beats in metal drumming. Take drum lessons from one of metal’s finest.

George Kollias - Intense Metal Drumming DVD

Intense Metal Drumming - George Kollias

George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming DVD

Drum n Bass, Breakbeat for Drums

Check out Ed Pollard (word) throwin’ down some breakbeat grooves!

Check out Ed’s blog, Chronicles of Drumming at

Drum Lessons Videos

New Drum Lessons just added to our videos section at

Beginner Drum Lessons

Learn how to play the drums. This beginner drum lessons page will help you get started with free  information on the basics of beginning drumming including proper grip technique, drum rudiments and valuable links. In addition; there are lots of beginner drum lessons from pro drummers on books, cds, and dvds.

Free Drum Lessons

Find links to hundreds of free drum lessons online. DRUM LESSONS ORGANIZED ( organizes drum lessons into neat categories for you so it’s easy to find the exact drum lessons you need. You can either buy professional drum lesson books and dvds or navigate to the free drum lessons area for available free resources on the net. – Awesome!

Drum Lessons

Did you get a new drumset for Christmas? Well now you’re going to need a few drum lessons. Aside from knowing how to hold your sticks and how to sit at the kit, one of the first things you need to do is understand what drum rudiments are. Check out for more.

Drum Lessons Articles

Check out numerous helpful Drum Articles at Many of the tips offered help you with everyday drum learning as well as can help you with your current drum lessons or band.

Drum Rudiment – Paradiddle

Learn how to properly play the single paradiddle rudiment. See the You Tube drum lessons video below. For more info., click on drum rudiments or type into your browser.

Drummers Toolbox

Check out the latest helpful tutorial at The drummers toolbox should help guide you with the things you need to have ready for drum fixes and emergencies.

Drummers Toolbox
Drummers Toolbox