The Ultimate Drummer’s Tool

There’s a new drum accessory on the market that will knock your little drumming socks off! This Ultimate Drummer’s Tool features lots of essential drivers for hex screws, screws and lug nuts for when you need to make some adjustments to your drumkit. Constructed with heat-treated S2 alloy chromed metal, this baby is solid and slick! Add this to your Christmas wishlist and remind them that it will fit into your Christmas stocking. 😉 Ultimate Drummer's Tool

The Grombal – WOW!

Every once in awhile there comes a simple little accessory that changes everything. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you… THE GROMBAL.

The Grombal - Cymbal Protector

This thing fits into the hole of your cymbal and protects it from the rod of the cymbal stand. Once it’s inserted, it stays there so you simply take it from your cymbal bag and throw it on the stand. – – AWESOME!

Kick Port

Kick Port Bass Drum Insert

Kick Port Bass Drum Insert

Kick Port bass drum insert / enhancer. There’s a buzz going around about this kickport thing. Apparently this bass drum insert (or port) adds some low end to your kick drum. The KickPort is currently being used by a “lot” of famous drummers. That tells me this “buzz” is worth looking more into. I’ll do a little more research and get back to you.