Sick Drummer!

This guy is one of the best. You’ll hear speed, chops, musicality, metric modulation, amazing creativity, endurance and expert precision. – Feast your ears on Mark Guiliana!



Freakazoid Circus Drumming Insanity

Ok, we were just having fun with the title. ::grin:: I mean it looks like a damn circus is in town. LOL – – -This guy’s got some insane chops. Beyond the chops, how in the world does he do so many stick flips and spins over so many drums at such a fast tempo without messing up one time?!!! – Pure insanity!

On a serious note… let’s hear it for Dylan Elise. What a terrific drummer!

Drumming Inspiration

Videos like this are quite inspirational. Rick Allen came back to drumming after a horrific accident. He was forced to find a way he could play the drums or just give it up completely. He chose to overcome his obstacle and set an example for the rest of us. Thank you Rick!

Best Drummer

In my opinion, Dennis Chambers is one of the best drummers in the world. This amazing drum solo should give you some idea of why I think so. This man’s in a league of his own.