Custom Drumset / Chopper

Check out this custom drumkit / chopper.

Custom Drumset / Chopper

Custom Drumset / Chopper

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Cool Drumsets Abound

I think this might be among the largest drumkit setups I’ve ever seen. How the hell you play these drums, I’ll never know (lol) but they sure are fun to drool over!

Cool Drumsets

Cool Drumsets that are Huge!

Incredibly Huge Drumset

This baby is sweet. I love the angled rack on the top.

Huge Drumkit with Double Rack

Scott Rockenfield's Drums

Neil Peart – 2010 Tour Drums

Check out Neil Peart’s Drums for his 2010 World Tour:

Neil Peart Drums - 2010 Tour

Nicest Drumkit in the World

This has got to be one of the nicest drumsets I’ve ever seen. Check out the quality. And one can really appreciate the time and attention to detail and what it takes to maintain these beautiful drums.

Ugly Drumset

Ugly Drumset

Awesome Drumset

Check out how this drumset pyramids up. I’ve never seen this kind of set up before.  – Awesome!