National Drumming Day

There’s a National National Pie Day, a National ‘No Bra’ Day and even a National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (what?!!). Drum roll please…. now there’s a National Drumming Day! Created by the proprietors of and celebrated on November 15th, National Drumming Day celebrates the world of drums and drumming.

National Drumming Day













You can celebrate this special day by… 

  1. Revisiting some of your drumming goals and making sure that you’re meeting them.
  2. Sponsoring a drum circle or drumming event in your local music store.
  3. Instruct “at risk” kids at their schools or in their homes.
  4. Wearing your favorite drumming T-shirt or hat.
  5. Posting “National Drumming Day” on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.” Use hashtag #NationalDrummingDay
  6. Pat yourself on the back for your successes in drumming thusfar.

Youngest Drummer

Julian Pavone might only be 7 years old but the Guinness Book of World Records has just declared him, “Youngest Professional Drummer”. This pint-size tub-slapper has already been on talk shows like Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey and Inside Edition. To qualify for the Guinness record Julian had to receive payment for performing on a commercial record as well as playing at least 20 live performances in five years.

Julian playing Tom Sawyer by Rush (Drummer, Neil Peart)

Drumstick Bags

The drummer’s stickbag is like a case that holds a precious set of woodworker’s tools. While a carver uses knives and chisels to make artwork in the wood, the drummer’s sticks, mallets and brushes are the tools that paint our music. And the case holds and protects these tools. –

Drummer's Stickbag

Drumstick Bags

Drummers… you will be Replaced!

And you thought you lost a lot of work when drum machines hit the market. Wait til you see this!

Of course we’re only half kidding. Notice I said “half”. 😉 This robot might look kinda of silly right now but it’s only a matter of time before they perfect these things and put them on the market. Think no one will buy them? There are a number of band leaders out there that would be happy to trade a slightly stiff feel for a bad attitude. Ha! OK, I’m not saying they’ll take over, but we’ll definitely have some new competition. – Look out drummers!

Used Drumsets

It’s sometimes hard to find places online to buy drums or sell drums for free but they’re still out there. Check out Drum Bum’s used drums page. You can’t post a picture but you can sell your drums for free or search some of the used drumsets that are posted there.

Used Drumsets

Used Drumsets

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Avril Lavigne Plays Drums

I didn’t know Avril Lavigne could play drums! She can sing and play drums at the same time. Nice!

SuperBowl XLII – Travis Barker

Looking back, and in the spirit of tomorrow’s Super Bowl game…  I just thought this was the coolest ad for Superbowl XLII featuring Travis Barker and DJ AM:

The Grombal – WOW!

Every once in awhile there comes a simple little accessory that changes everything. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you… THE GROMBAL.

The Grombal - Cymbal Protector

This thing fits into the hole of your cymbal and protects it from the rod of the cymbal stand. Once it’s inserted, it stays there so you simply take it from your cymbal bag and throw it on the stand. – – AWESOME!

New Drum Gear

DRUM GEAR – – Now the word, drum gear has sort of a double meaning. It is of course “drum gear” as we all know it (drums, drum accessories and cool hardware)… but it is also now a brand. DRUM GEAR presents the latest brand in drum clothing and apparel, shirts, pants, jackets and awesome accessories. – Cool!

Drum Gear

New Drum Clothing and Apparel from DRUM GEAR

The brand is the latest offspring of Drum Bum, Inc. (that’s us!). It will focus on drummer gifts and gift ideas like Drum Bum but everything will carry the Drum Gear logo while Drum Bum represents many brands other than it’s own. currently features drummer T-shirts, hats, bags, boxers, lounge pants, wrist bands, polo shirts, button down shirts, coats / jackets, mousepads, tumblers, multi-tools, lighters, towels, water bottles, keychains and ear plugs.

Air Drumming

First we had DrumLine, then we had StepBrothers… now we have “Adventures of Power”. This movie (being released October 9th in New York City) is all about Air Drumming. Yea, you heard me right – AIR DRUMMING … It begs the question, WTF???? … The trailer looks like it would be a stupid movie but who knows, I’ve been surprised before. I’ll wait to let you guys be the guinea pigs {grin} and I’ll wait for the reviews before spending the money.

The coolest thing is… there’s another movie about DRUMMING! – – Awesome!

Update: Adventures of Power gets a review (“drums up”!)