Now I’ve seen it all… ha, ha!

This guy is definitely experiencing all the ups and downs of being a drummer!


Mr. Messy Plays the Drumcycle

I just thought this was so cool. It takes a lot of courage to just go out there and do your own thing. I’m calling it the drumcycle.

Drummer and Bicycle

Drummer Plays the Drum... um, bicycle... um, drumcycle

Creative uses for Duct Tape

And you thought it was just for taping down mic cables. lol

Creative Duct Tape Uses

Beer Bottle Drummer

This is just cool. – A “melodic” drummer. Yea!

Santa, please don’t get me this DrumSet

I know I’ve been bad this year but please don’t get me this:

Drumset - Tom Angles

LOL - Drumset Tom Angles

Father Shoots Son over Playing the Drums

The next time your dad says, “Stop playing the drums!”, I think you’d better stop. 😉 In San Antonio, TX, an 80 year old father fired a gun through the drummer’s bedroom door when he would not quit playing. The bullet grazed the son’s head, almost killing him.

Man Shot by Dad for Playing Drums

Man Shot by Dad for Playing Drums

Story Origin –
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Truth Drums

Golf anyone? The guys over at Truth Drums are getting quite creative. Just when you thought you’d seen everything… enter the “Drumset Putting Green”.

Truth Drumsets

Truth Drums