Sick Drummer!

This guy is one of the best. You’ll hear speed, chops, musicality, metric modulation, amazing creativity, endurance and expert precision. – Feast your ears on Mark Guiliana!


Interview with Neil Peart

Neil Peart talks about his bike rides across the world, improvising, writing, composing, drum solos, lessons with other artists and more. If you want to get to know a bit more about Neil Peart, check out this awesome interview over at



Freakazoid Circus Drumming Insanity

Ok, we were just having fun with the title. ::grin:: I mean it looks like a damn circus is in town. LOL – – -This guy’s got some insane chops. Beyond the chops, how in the world does he do so many stick flips and spins over so many drums at such a fast tempo without messing up one time?!!! – Pure insanity!

On a serious note… let’s hear it for Dylan Elise. What a terrific drummer!

11 Year Old Girl Drummer

An amazing little drummer girl. Only 11 years old!

Travis Barker Drums / Flies!

Now THIS is showmanship!!

Travis Barker tests out his new flying drum riser.

Joey Kramer – New Book Tells All

Drummer Joey Kramer of the legendary rock supergroup, Aerosmith tells all in his new book, “Hit Hard”. Learn about Joey’s battle with depression and anxiety and basically hitting “rock bottom” while on top of the world.

Teddy Campbell

This article allows us a little peek into the exciting life of American Idol drummer, Teddy Campbell. Check it out!

Teddy Campbell

Teddy Campbell

Women Drummers

It’s interesting to see how drumming has expanded through the years. Here is a Women’s Drum Center of all things. I’ve seen female drummers in my day but I’ve never seen them come together collectively like this. Very inspiring!

Women Drummers

Women Drummers


These are some of the best bucket street drummers I’ve ever seen. A great performance reminscent of the drumline movie due to all of the stick twirling and stick tricks.

DrumBum’s Drummer of the Year

M’liss is special. She’s also obsessed! LOL
Check out the Drum Bum Drummer of the Year.