National Drumming Day

There’s a National National Pie Day, a National ‘No Bra’ Day and even a National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (what?!!). Drum roll please…. now there’s a National Drumming Day! Created by the proprietors of and celebrated on November 15th, National Drumming Day celebrates the world of drums and drumming.

National Drumming Day













You can celebrate this special day by… 

  1. Revisiting some of your drumming goals and making sure that you’re meeting them.
  2. Sponsoring a drum circle or drumming event in your local music store.
  3. Instruct “at risk” kids at their schools or in their homes.
  4. Wearing your favorite drumming T-shirt or hat.
  5. Posting “National Drumming Day” on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.” Use hashtag #NationalDrummingDay
  6. Pat yourself on the back for your successes in drumming thusfar.

Little “Drummer Boy”, Justin Bieber

“Drummer Boy” – Justin Bieber Feat with Busta Rhymes. You’ve never heard a version of Little Drummer Boy like this one!

Beliebers across the world are gonna love this. Justin Bieber not only “throws down” musically but demonstrates his desire to also give back to the world. Check out the last verse where he urges everyone to think of others and give to charity.

Looking for drummers to be part of the “WORLD’S LARGEST GROUP DRUM ROLL”.

Snare Drum World Record

Snare Drum World Record

Hey everyone! We’re looking for drummers (beginners to professionals) to take part in our historic record breaking attempt. It’s in beautiful downtown Greensboro, NC on July 4th at 11:00 AM. This is your chance to put yourself in the Guinness Records Book. And all participants will receive souvenir drumsticks! Make the trip and register at *Approved Advertisement

Drum Solos on Letterman!

Have you heard the cool news of the month? The Godfather of comedy late night TV is featuring “Drum Solo Week”. Artists will include Sheila E., Roy Haynes, Neil Peart and Latenight’s own, Anton Fig! read more
David Letterman

“Drums Alive” comes Alive!

Have you heard about the Drums Alive craze? You may think a bunch of people banging on balls with sticks is silly but this recent fitness fad is taking the world by storm! Check out this video of Drums Alive in action at a studio in Vestal, NY:

This should inspire every drummer!

Pro drummer, Jason Gerling, had his heart set on a huge music career when suddenly everything changed. He fell asleep at the wheel and survived a horrible car accident. Check out this amazing story of perserverance:

Jason Gerling - Drummer

Our Hero! – Big Drum Fest!

Please join our friends over at in supporting cancer research. HUGE FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND. – DON’T MISS IT!

Popular Drum Forum continues to soar with now over 5000 members! This popular drum forum is known for it’s live chat area (the ShoutBox) and its many experienced drummers that hang out there. But it’s most know for building a community based on respect and diplomacy. A refreshing change from other drum forums that seem almost out of control at times. Visit and see what the buzz is all about.

Drum Bum on Twitter

Drum Bum on Twitter

Drum Bum on Twitter

Tweet – Tweet! – We haven’t had this much fun since we joined Drum Chat. Follow one of the world’s most popular drum brands… DRUM BUM… on Twitter.

Drum Kids

I’m always amazed at how big the world is. I spend a lot of time on the net searching drum stuff. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this cute little kid. He’s already been on all the TV shows and met all the stars! Check out this little drummer boy, Julian Pavone. – You won’t believe it!

Drummer Boy Julian Pavone

Drummer Boy Julian Pavone