New Drum Party Lights!

They’re new! They’re hot! – Drum Bum presents… drumset party lights for drummers, or fans of drummers, or parents of drummers or… well, you get the drift, lol.


Hang them around the deck or put ’em in your music room. Now, we’ve got our own lights!

Workout Drumsticks

Some of the world’s top pro drummers swear by warming up with weighted drumsticks. DRUM BUM presents a new design featuring 4.3 oz of weight per stick and soft, comfortable grips.


The Ultimate Drummer’s Tool

There’s a new drum accessory on the market that will knock your little drumming socks off! This Ultimate Drummer’s Tool features lots of essential drivers for hex screws, screws and lug nuts for when you need to make some adjustments to your drumkit. Constructed with¬†heat-treated S2 alloy chromed metal, this baby is solid and slick! Add this to your Christmas wishlist and remind them that it will fit into your Christmas stocking. ūüėȬ†Ultimate Drummer's Tool

Drumset Monster!

The next time you hear someone say, “He’s a monster on the drums!”, they might be talking about this guy. Looking for the coolest drummer gift on the planet? You’ve found one! This sucker is 12″ tall and made from rock-solid metal. A great work of art for the home or garden. Any drummer would be proud to own this conversation piece.

Glow-in-the-Dark Drumsticks are Back!

Light up your drum solo with the world’s brightest glow-in-the-dark drumsticks! They’re now back… brighter than ever and in 3 awesome colors.

Glow Drumsticks

Glow in the Dark - Drumsticks

George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming

The popular drumming DVD by George Kollias is now available in the states and Drum Bum’s got it! George Kollias is known for his blazing double bass drum chops and super fast blast beats in metal drumming. Take drum lessons from one of metal’s finest.

George Kollias - Intense Metal Drumming DVD

Intense Metal Drumming - George Kollias

George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming DVD

Gifts for Percussionists – Hand Drummers – Drum Bum just launched Percussion Gifts, a new site that features its hand percussion products. Appropriately named “”, you’ll find percussion T-shirts, hats, jewelry, mugs, stickers, keychains, clothing, figurines, percussion accessories related to conga drums, djembe drums and bongos, miniature hand drums and lots more that pertains to percussion players / hand drummers.

Drummer Gift Guide, Drummer Christmas Present Ideas, Drum Gifts

Drummer Gift Guide

Drum gifts and drummer Christmas present ideas for the drummer in your life. Buy drum presents like multi-color light-up drumsticks, the new Grombal, drum accessories from Drum Gear or custom, personalized drumsticks with their name!

Christmas Presents for Drummers

Cheap Drumsets


Cheap Drumsets

Cheap Drumsets

Inexpensive or “Cheap” Drumsets: Some parents and even some adults don’t want to pay for top quality in drumsets. They’re just starting out and don’t want to spend top dollar until they see how they (or the student) will do. Therefore it makes sense to have an alternative. While “cheap” often means “falls apart if you look at it wrong”, there are some¬†drumsets on¬†the market that are a pretty good value for the money. Drum Bum offers an entry level beginner drumset that even won an¬†industry award a few years back. This means that considering the price, the music industry thought that it was a pretty good value. Will it be a $700 kit? Of course not, its in the category of cheap drumsets. But what it does do is¬†give¬†the consumer another choice. If they can save a little money in the beginning, they can later invest in a more expensive, quality kit once they know the student is going to stick with it.

New Drum T-shirt

One of my favorites so far. This drumset t-shirt flat out rocks!

Drumset T-shirt

Drumset T-shirt