Trick Drums – Steam Punk Drumset

This “Steam Punk” Drumset was not meant to be a standard drumset but more of a piece of art. Well, we’re impressed regardless! It’s got a motor in it to turn the mounted blade and a real steam-generating engine!

They say, “The Drummer Drives the Band”

The drummer drives the band right? Well, I didn’t know they meant literally! ( ha-ha) . Check out this promo shot of Gavin Harrison on a drumset in the form of a small car.

Drumset Car

The Drummer Drives the Band

Spaun Drumsets – More Eye Candy

For you gold diggers. Another beautiful kit by Spaun drums.

Spaun Drumsets

Drumsets by Spaun

Another Awesome Drumset!

I guess that’s plexiglass around the bass drums. Cool how the light hits to get that glow.

Awesome Drumsets

Another Awesome Drumset!

Custom Drumset / Chopper

Check out this custom drumkit / chopper.

Custom Drumset / Chopper

Custom Drumset / Chopper

More at

Neil Peart – 2010 Tour Drums

Check out Neil Peart’s Drums for his 2010 World Tour:

Neil Peart Drums - 2010 Tour

Truth Drums

Golf anyone? The guys over at Truth Drums are getting quite creative. Just when you thought you’d seen everything… enter the “Drumset Putting Green”.

Truth Drumsets

Truth Drumsets


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