Drummers… you will be Replaced!

And you thought you lost a lot of work when drum machines hit the market. Wait til you see this!

Of course we’re only half kidding. Notice I said “half”. 😉 This robot might look kinda of silly right now but it’s only a matter of time before they perfect these things and put them on the market. Think no one will buy them? There are a number of band leaders out there that would be happy to trade a slightly stiff feel for a bad attitude. Ha! OK, I’m not saying they’ll take over, but we’ll definitely have some new competition. – Look out drummers!


5 Responses

  1. What will conductors do if they don’t have the drummer to blame for slowing down / speeding up the tempo.

  2. Phew – I thought at first that I really had something to worry about! 😉

    Still, I hear that there is an alien drummer out there that has some promise. . . . . . and feeling.
    (Google “Element 115 + Phoenix rock band”)

  3. im not impressed. some people have waaayy too much time on their hands. these nerds need to harden up, and get real jobs. get their hands dirty, knock abit of bark off themselves, and leave music to real musicians, and leave the drumming to drummers with a HEART for drumming. (thats right, i said HEART).

    i”ll build a road case out of that robot, and take the bastard to gigs, so it knows what a real drummer is.

  4. oh man! a DRUMMER BLOG! Congrats, I’ll be subscribing to this thing and you’re only the third blog I’ve ever subscribed to!

    This robot drummer is wild. But his high-hatting is way sloppy. 🙂 I wouldn’t pay to see him, but I’d go to a free show for the nerdy part of it. too cool!

    thanks for the blog!

  5. Robots will never have soul and feel. Props for the cool creation, but let’s be honest… it sounds like crap.

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