Is this drummer bored?

Showmanship or ADHD? That is the question. LOL

Man, I don’t know whether to be impressed or annoyed! LOL
Seriously, once you get past how silly he looks, it’s pretty cool how many twirling chops he has! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Famous Drums “Turbine” Snare Drum

Man this thing is super cool (no pun intended). Check out Famous Drums Turbine Snare Drum. I get the feeling that baby’s gonna move some air. I just wish they could get those blades to spin! Now THAT would be impressive! LOL

Turbine Snare Drum - Famous Drums

The design on this snare drum allows for its response to be heard at lower volumes. The blades also help reduce snare drum ring. See more at Famous Drums Company

Used Drumsets

It’s sometimes hard to find places online to buy drums or sell drums for free but they’re still out there. Check out Drum Bum’s used drums page. You can’t post a picture but you can sell your drums for free or search some of the used drumsets that are posted there.

Used Drumsets

Used Drumsets

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