Octa Drums

If only I had 8 arms to drum with.

11 Year Old Girl Drummer

An amazing little drummer girl. Only 11 years old!

Truth Drums

Golf anyone? The guys over at Truth Drums are getting quite creative. Just when you thought you’d seen everything… enter the “Drumset Putting Green”.

Truth Drumsets

Truth Drums

Kick Port

Kick Port Bass Drum Insert

Kick Port Bass Drum Insert

Kick Port bass drum insert / enhancer. There’s a buzz going around about this kickport thing. Apparently this bass drum insert (or port) adds some low end to your kick drum. The KickPort is currently being used by a “lot” of famous drummers. That tells me this “buzz” is worth looking more into. I’ll do a little more research and get back to you.

Best Snare Drum

Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be considered the “best” snare drum by some but I labeled it this because I just can’t believe this thing sounds this good when the dude made it from a wheel!!!