Travis Barker Drums / Flies!

Now THIS is showmanship!!

Travis Barker tests out his new flying drum riser.

Wipeout – The Surfaris

Every wannabe drummer wants to learn Wipeout. It’s fun to play and a challenge to get all the notes in at the speed required to play it. It’s not until you become a “real” drummer that you discover two things: 1. It’s not really that hard to play Wipeout and 2. You very quickly become sick of playing it! LOL … But as a drummer, you will be requested to play the song Wipeout at least a billion and one times within your drumming career so you better darn well get used to it!

Bored at Work?

How about some Metallica drums? I hope the boss doesn’t walk by! 🙂

Bob Crane Plays the Drums!

Hey, Bob could really play! Check out this old Hogans Heroes clip where Bob and the boys try to start an avalanche with their jazz music (trumpet / drum solo).

Examining your Pedal Technique

A unique way of examining your drum pedal technique.

Air Drumming

Air Drumming has been around for a long time. But it tends to get more sophisticated as the years roll by. This is air drumming at it’s best! – Check it out!

Joey Kramer – New Book Tells All

Drummer Joey Kramer of the legendary rock supergroup, Aerosmith tells all in his new book, “Hit Hard”. Learn about Joey’s battle with depression and anxiety and basically hitting “rock bottom” while on top of the world.