We’ll miss you Michael!

A very sad day for us all. Michael Jackson , the “King of Pop”, passed away today. There are so many memories. His music was always so funky! I found this video on YouTube of a young drummer jammin’ out to one of Micheal’s tunes, “Jam”. It was a reminder of all the times I played his songs through the years and how popular they were among the crowds. – We’ll truly miss you Michael. Rest in Peace.

More about Michael Jackson at DrumChat.com.

Todays Drum Lesson: Blast Beats


John McCain Plays Drums

John McCain Plays Drums? – Who Knew! 😉

Lookout Drummers!

Kid Drummer with Homemade Drumset

Kid Drummer with Homemade Drumset

Something tells me this little tike is gonna give us all a run for our money. Check out that drumset!!!

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a Drumset?

Is it a drumset?

Is it a drumset?

Actually, it’s none of those. The damn things’ nothing but a gamer chair! LOL
But man, what a cool lookin’ console if I ever saw one! – thev1chair.com

Papas Got a Brand New … Metronome?

This is too funny!