Rock Band / Guitar Hero – Is it Helping or Hurting?

Almost everyone would love to be a rock star! ~ To be able to travel the world and live the lifestyle is a common dream of musicians and others alike. Who wouldn’t want the attention of a legion of screaming fans clamoring for you to perform? Thanks to the revolutionary video games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, now anyone can get up on stage and become a Rock God. Using game controllers shaped like musical instruments, players can perform songs by popular artists from a variety of music genres. But there has been a firestorm of controversy in the musician’s community of whether these games are actually helping or hurting music and musicians.

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting thoughts….

    Personally I think it gives people who have never played a instrument an opportunity to see how much fun music can be. Maybe a good question is also, has anyone learnt so much from playing Rock Band that they found themselves playing the real thing without much difficulty?

    I imagine anything is possible!!

    Jean Gabriel

    • Actually, I started playing guitar hero 2 on the day that it came out, and decided to try learning guitar, because guitar hero was getting too easy. I picked up my grandpa’s guitar, and within a couple of weeks, i could play with him. He’s been playing guitar for about 50 years, and I am teaching him some stuff. It is possible to make learning instruments easier with guitar hero/rock band

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