Awesome Drumset

This drumkit is just bad to the bone. Aside from the cool skull design, check out the massive elongated tom inbetween the bass drums. Everything is set low and looks easy to get to. This drumset would be a blast to play.

Awesome Drumset - Skulls

Awesome Drumset - Skulls


91 Year Old Female Drummer

I just love drummers who don’t let age slow them down or make them quit. This is very inspiring… Jerrie Thill is 91 years old and still slappin’ the skins. – You go girl!

Air Drumming

Did you see the air drumming episode on Jimmy Fallon? It was pretty funny. 3 contestants got a shot at air drumming along with the Roots and their drummer ?uestlove (pronounced “questlove”). Check it out:

Spongebob Drumset???

I swear I’m not making this up. There, in fact, exists… a Spongbob Squarepants drumset! LOL Apparently, it’s over in the UK.

Spongebob Drumset

Spongebob Drumset

Rock Band / Guitar Hero – Is it Helping or Hurting?

Almost everyone would love to be a rock star! ~ To be able to travel the world and live the lifestyle is a common dream of musicians and others alike. Who wouldn’t want the attention of a legion of screaming fans clamoring for you to perform? Thanks to the revolutionary video games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, now anyone can get up on stage and become a Rock God. Using game controllers shaped like musical instruments, players can perform songs by popular artists from a variety of music genres. But there has been a firestorm of controversy in the musician’s community of whether these games are actually helping or hurting music and musicians.

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The latest Drumsticks on the market



Pretty cool huh? – Big Drum Fest!

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