Cheap Drumsets


Cheap Drumsets

Cheap Drumsets

Inexpensive or “Cheap” Drumsets: Some parents and even some adults don’t want to pay for top quality in drumsets. They’re just starting out and don’t want to spend top dollar until they see how they (or the student) will do. Therefore it makes sense to have an alternative. While “cheap” often means “falls apart if you look at it wrong”, there are some drumsets on the market that are a pretty good value for the money. Drum Bum offers an entry level beginner drumset that even won an industry award a few years back. This means that considering the price, the music industry thought that it was a pretty good value. Will it be a $700 kit? Of course not, its in the category of cheap drumsets. But what it does do is give the consumer another choice. If they can save a little money in the beginning, they can later invest in a more expensive, quality kit once they know the student is going to stick with it.


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