Outrageous Drumsets

This is the height of ingenuity right here. Check out this drumset made of wine barrels. I love it!

Sweet Drumsets

Outrageous Drumset


3 Responses

  1. pure genius my man….

  2. Haha! I love THis! What a genious idea

  3. Looks like someone had the same idea I had. I built a 60 gallon winebarrel for a 22″ bass drum. The rest of my drums are standard fare- 2-12s-1-13-1-16-/14″snare,with Zildians all round. Six drums-seven cymbals. My kit is an actual gigging set,not a novelty like others in your posts. How can I send you pictures and have my set posted on DrumBum? Mine (if I say so myself) sure look alot nicer than the one posted. If anyone needs tips on how-to-build a barrel drum Id be glad to help. ps.theyre not as loud as one woud expect.

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