Vic Firth Lite Stix

Can you say cool? The new Vic Firth Lite Stix rock! Made from real, high-quality drumsticks, they emit 7 different colors from the tip of the drumstick and you don’t need batteries! You simply charge them by plugging into a USB port in the butt of the stick.

Vic Firth Lite Stix

Vic Firth Lite Stix

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Drum Major Suspended for Winking at the President

You can get suspended for things like that? Geesh, I didn’t know that! Apparently John Coleman didn’t either, or he just chose to not care. During a recent inauguration parade, John waved and winked at the president when they went by.  Protocol dictates that it’s a military parade and therefore this sort of thing is considered out of line. Well, Coleman quit the band for good so I guess he won’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Awesome Drumsets

Whether you call it OCD, OCDP, Orange County Drum and Percussion, or “That strange bunch of guys over on the west coast that make those cool-looking drumsets.”, you can’t deny the creativity of their artwork. This is one of my favorites from Orange County Drums:

OCD - Orange County Drums

OCD - Orange County Drums

Wild Drumsets

Pass the cheese please. This drumset is quite unique. For some reason it makes me feel like I’m going to throw-up any minute now. LOL

No seriously, I think it’s a cool idea Spuan has here. I’m just not diggin’ the green.

Spaun Swiss Cheese Drumset

Spaun Swiss Cheese Drumset

Paper Drumset

Intriguing. Bet I can destroy this paper drumset in 1 measure. LOL

Paper Drums

Paper Drums

Drums Personalized

Well of course, why didn’t I think of that? We can personalize our sticks so why can’t we personalize our drums?! LOL

Neil Peart Drumset

I never get tired of looking at Neil Peart’s drumsets. Check out this monstrosity!


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