Free Drum Lessons

Drum Bum offers the largest free drum lessons hub online. There are links to hundreds of drum lessons on the topics of drum tuning, beginner drum instruction, how to play various drumbeats and drum fills, and more.

Free Drum Lessons

Free Drum Lessons

Cool Drumset

Hey, pass the lifesavers. LOL

Best Buy getting into Musical Instruments

It has been announced that Best Buy is getting into the musical instruments business. They’re reserving 2500 square feet of space in each store to stock guitars, drums, keyboards, and more. Should prove to be some extra competition for the Guitar Center giant, not to mention all the smaller music stores.

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Check out the latest music gifts at Drum Bum!

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Video Drum Lessons

Don’t miss the free Video Drum Lessons at Drum Bum. See the latest video drum lessons on double bass drumming, freehand technique, twirling drumsticks, drum tuning, and more.

Molecules Drums

Not since North Drums and Staccato Drums have I seen something so weird. But man, I gotta tell ya… I think their cool! – Check it out:

molecules drums

molecules drums

Tama Drums

A beautiful Tama Drumset made from Bubinga wood. This makes my mouth water!

Fastest Drummer in the World

I found the fastest drummer in the world. I dare you to try and keep up.

Fastest Drummer in the World

Fastest Drummer in the World

Drum Lessons

Now there’s a site that organizes all drum media by category. Find drum lessons on books, cds, and dvds individually organized by theme. Check out

DW Drumsets

Man, what a beaut! I just think this drumset is so cool. – Billiards anyone?