Drum Cakes

Don’t ask me why but I get a kick out of checking out different types of drum cakes that people have made. I just can’t believe they can get the damn thing to look that much like a drum! Ha!

And my all time favorite… DRUM ROLL PLEASE……….

8 Responses

  1. Just wanted to comment on that last drum cake. I’m glad that you like it so much because it happens to be mine and my husband’s wedding cake! Incidentally, I happen to be a pastry chef and I made the cake. My husband and I both play drums and our whole wedding was drum themed, from the cake to the invitations to the favors, which were drum shaped decorated cookies!

    • Wow! We’ll my goodness, you’re talented! My hat goes off to you.

    • hello sharon, just wondering if you happen to be in brisbane australia? if not, could we use your cake as inspiration? its the best drum theme cake i have seen and we are hunting for one for my friends wedding (i am matron of honour) and she would like one for the groom as a surprise

  2. Wow, that cake is really beautiful. My financee is a drummer and I would love to surprise him with a cake like this for him at the reception. Do you take orders?

  3. I love the drum cake. You did an awesome job. My husband is soon celebrating his 50th birthday and I would love some tips on decorating a cake with a drum theme. He has played drums since he was about 3.

  4. interested in how you made the cymbal – that’s one I haven’t batted around long enough. The cakes are awesome!

  5. My best friend is getting married next month and for fun I bake and decorate cakes. As a wedding cake I’m making the Groom’s Cake and he plays as a drummer for a band and would love some ideas on how you decorated your cakes. What did you use on the trim of the drums and the cymbal is incredible. I really appreciate your advice. Your cake is the best I have found in my research for ideas. Thanks!

  6. OMG! I was thinking of a drumset cake for my fiance as a surprise at our reception. I’m with Laquetta, if you take orders, I’m all over it. That cake rocks!

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