Best Drums – 4 piece or 5 piece?

I find it interesting to hear drummers talk about their preferences of set up with regard to their drums. Some drummers swear by a 4 piece set up and others swear by a 5 piece (or more). Of course the 4 piece players seem to always comment on the “groove” being the most important thing. Is this to say that you can’t create a groove on a drumset bigger than a 5 piece? Well of course not. I’ve played both. Of course one of the cool things about a 4 piece set up is you can have the ride cymbal in that sweet spot right there where the second tom usually is. But I gotta tell you, I miss my second tom when it’s not there.

So which set-up is better? That depends on the individual. Whatever is “right” for them is right for me. Or as my mom used to say, “Whatever floats your boat.” Ha!


One Response

  1. i say four piece bcuz i hate having two toms right in front of me, and there are drummers that make a 4 piece sound like a million bucks.

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