Rock Band Drumsticks

rock band drumsticks

Rock Band Drumsticks

Check out the latest product at Drum Bum. Rock band drumsticks enable you to play comfortably with a bit less volume. Specially designed with comfortable shock grip and special tips.

Custom Drumsticks

Your’e not cool until you have your name on your drumsticks! Ha-Ha! Drum Bum offers custom personalized drumsticks with your name on them. Available in engraved drumsticks (etched) or imprinted drumsticks (inked). Buy in bulk and save tons. Call 1-800-DRUMBUM for custom quotes.


Cool Drumset

 I wish my drumset lit up like this!


Drum Cakes

Don’t ask me why but I get a kick out of checking out different types of drum cakes that people have made. I just can’t believe they can get the damn thing to look that much like a drum! Ha!

And my all time favorite… DRUM ROLL PLEASE……….

Rock Drumming

Do you want to take your rock drumming to the next level? Well, you’ve got to see the video, “Lifting the Cloak of Mystery off of Rock Drumming”.


MoonGel for $4.99

You can now buy MoonGel for only $5.00. Well, $4.99 actually. Drum Bum offers these famous drum muffling squares at a reduce cost when you buy 3 of the small packages. Now you’ve got a secret MoonGel source!


Drum Gear

Check out the new drum gear at Drum Bum:

Drum Tshirt

We’ve added new gear such as the Backsaver practice pad as well as drum books and dvds such as Chad Smith’s “Eastern Rim”, Marco Minnemann’s “The Marco Show”, “Drums for Dummies” and even books/cd’s on hand drums, blues, and funk drumming. Click the link to see all of our new drum gear.

Best Drums – 4 piece or 5 piece?

I find it interesting to hear drummers talk about their preferences of set up with regard to their drums. Some drummers swear by a 4 piece set up and others swear by a 5 piece (or more). Of course the 4 piece players seem to always comment on the “groove” being the most important thing. Is this to say that you can’t create a groove on a drumset bigger than a 5 piece? Well of course not. I’ve played both. Of course one of the cool things about a 4 piece set up is you can have the ride cymbal in that sweet spot right there where the second tom usually is. But I gotta tell you, I miss my second tom when it’s not there.

So which set-up is better? That depends on the individual. Whatever is “right” for them is right for me. Or as my mom used to say, “Whatever floats your boat.” Ha!

Neil Peart Banners

Neil Peart banners are back in stock. Neil Peart, as you may already know, is not only one of the most popular drummers in the world, but he plays one of the largest drumsets. Check out this full color Neil Peart banner at

Neil Peart


Rock Band Mod / DIY Drums Accessory

Check out this modification for the Rock Band Drumset. It helps enable wheel-chair bound people to be able to enjoy the Rock Band experience too.

Rock Band Mod