New Drum T-shirt

Check out the latest new drum t-shirt from Drum Bum:

Drum Tshirt

One of hundreds of drum tshirt designs from the #1 Drummers Gift Shop online…. DRUM BUM!


Double Bass Drumming

Check out the latest double bass drumming tips at You’ll find tips and suggestions on double bass technique, exercises to work your calves, and how to find that “sweet spot” on the pedal. There are even links to books and DVDs that have lessons on double bass drums.

Play the Drums

This is a fun little time waster. Use the keyboard for best results (even though the best results are not better – ha!).



Wacked Drums!

It just irks me when I see a drumset for sale and this is the picture of the drums:

Wacked Drums - Drumset

Whoever set up these drums, has no idea about how drums are played. What a pity.
Maybe the title of this should be, “Holy tom angles, Batman!”  LOL

Drum Forum Gaining Momentum

The drummer’s forum has become quite popular these days. New member registrations are on the rise and the post count is already at 80,000+. Not bad for a site that’s hardly been up for 2 years. A popular draw to the forum is it’s live “Shoutbox” at the top of the main page where drummers can chat to each other live. Additionally, the forum has gained a reputation for it’s high standards and concentration on respectful posting. You won’t find any flaming at It’s not tolerated.


World’s Largest Drumset

This has got to be the world’s largest drumset! Incredible!

Largest Drumset


Unusual Drummer… Unusual Drumset

…or maybe the Title should be, “What THE?…” I actually like that beat near the end where there’s a shaker kind of thing happening behind it. It sounds pretty cool. I just wish I could tell what instrument it is. I think it’s mounted near the hi-hat stand but it’s hard to see. Cool looking drumset though. Apparently homeade. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “custom drumset”.